Crookers "Beautiful" out now on Food Music

We’re hugely excited to have released Crookers "Beautiful" to Shadow Child + Kry Wolfs imprint Food Music.

Crookers needs little introduction having continually pushed and developed his sound, firmly establishing himself as a household name within the dance music scene. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Dub Side 3’ see Crookers once again deliver 2 fresh tracks with Kry Wolf and Lord Leopard providing 2 club orientated takes on ‘Beautiful’.

Dancing Astronaut top 10 tracks of May - Delta Heavy

Delta Heavy have dropped their latest heavy-handed release on the legendary RAM Records. The British duo return to proper form on “White Flag,” meshing their familiar bass-laden style with 2016 future accents that do well to bridge the gap between the past and the present. Led by a soaring vocal and their signature synthwork, it’s clear that the duo haven’t surrendered much when it comes to the integrity of their production pedigree.



Take Nulight Remixes Delta Heavy "White Flag"

While every cut on Delta Heavy’s recent Paradise LP is legit enough to stand on its own, no one was complaining when the powerhouse duo decided to stitch “White Flag” into a more aggressive, festival-focused fabric. Popping up just in time for their appearance at EDC Las Vegas later this month, heads will be begging for sweet mercy when this amped-up VIP runs the energy into the red. Read full article on Insomniac: