Ableton x Team Supreme documentary feat JNTHN STEIN

Despite the great degree of connectedness we enjoy these days, making music is a solitary pursuit for many of us, and so there is a lot to be said for learning to be your own biggest critic (and biggest fan). But having access to like-minded music-makers who not only understand where you're trying to go but can also help you get there - is probably the most valuable production tool you can hope to have. The latest video feature from Ableton features Team Supreme, a crew of young beat-makers who have harnessed the power of the collective for the benefit of all its members including our very own JNTHN STEIN... Read the full premiere:


Five years after bursting onto the scene, Delta Heavy unveil their eagerly awaited debut album, ‘Paradise Lost’, due for release on March 4th 2016 on Ram Records.  One of the few acts whose sound effortlessly straddles the Atlantic, the duo’s multi-dimensional versatility in electronic music is evident throughout their inaugural LP.

Underpinned by meticulous production and presented as a seamless composition, ‘Paradise Lost’ represents a benchmark in the Delta Heavy journey.


1. Paradise Lost

2. Event Horizon

3. City of Dreams

4. White Flag

5. Punish My Love

6. Limbo

7. Pathways

8. Tremors

9. Conquer The Galaxy

10. Oscillator

11. Ascending

12. Reborn

13. Cut Me

14. Ghost


We haven't formally introduced JNTHN STEIN to the roster yet... Founder of the Candid Music Group and member of LA’s renown production crew Team Supreme Jnthn Stein is the newest producer/DJ to break out of Brooklyn. The New York based artist dabbles in a variety of musical influences ranging from Jazz, Classical to Hip Hop and a spectrum of electronic music all vividly captured in his productions. Being both a multi-instrumentalist and a savvy producer, his talents stretch beyond the DJ world ensuring he develops as an influential and crucial part of the broader electronic scene in years to come.

2015 saw him work closely with Ableton as a spokesperson for their Ableton Push ( which was followed by an EP release today (Spotify ). Jan 2016 will see a full release of the Team Supreme Ableton Push documentary as well as his first full single released via Noisia’s label imprint Division Records. Steins debut solo EP is set for release March 2016. 

Official Charts premiere 99 Souls "Girl Is Mine" (Crookers Remix)

Well, they are when they're done as brilliantly and thoughtfully as 99 Souls' The Girl Is Mine; a blend of Destiny's Child's Girl and Brandy & Monica's The Boy Is Mine. It's been scaling the Official Singles Chart for some weeks now and cracked the Top 40 last Friday (December 4). 

With track's dancefloor takeover still growing, the pair have unveiled a remix courtesy of legendary electro house DJ Crookers, premiered below. And while the re-swizz injects an extra layer of strobing funk-bass, it does so without losing the classic R&B essence of the original. Listen below: 


Seriously, what is it with Swedes having some sort of magic ability to consistently produce icy-cool, club-friendly pop and dance music? The latest group continuing that tradition is franskild—a Copenhagen-based duo originally from a small town in Sweden that makes warm, shimmering electro-dance to pull you out of that winter depression. 

In their case, that healthy dose of electronica has come in a few EPs and some notable remixes hyped by sources like Kitsuné and RA. Their latest remix of Alex Winston's "Head Down Low" backs up the hype: deep and lush-sounding, it reminds you of the warmth you get from MØ.

Martin Solveig '+1' (Delta Heavy Remix) premiered on The Official Charts

French DJ and producer Martin Solveig had a big reason to celebrate this summer when he scored his first Top 5 hit Intoxicated with GTA.

Now he's back with follow-up +1, and before the original version comes out in December, you can get a feel for what's to come with this brilliant remix from UK electronic duo Delta Heavy.

Listen below:

Sigala "Sweet Lovin" (Crookers Remix) premiere

Sigala’s impending single “Sweet Lovin” is the epitome of the sugary rush of commercial house music with which Ministry of Sound has excelled in showcasing throughout 2015. Making up for a notable lack in club playability, Italian house deviant Crookers steps in with a more ungroomed take on the single ahead of his impending Defected single “Withdrawals.” This deep and scratchy duel of monstrous low-end frequencies and sharp groove work gives “Sweet Lovin” a place on some of the more refined European dance floors. For an artist who has had his fair share of moments in the popular spotlight, Crooker’s ability to commandeer solid club records is not be shrugged at.