Billboard premiere - Delta Heavy x Dirty Audio "Stay" [feat HOLLY]

To say Delta Heavy and Dirty Audio's debut collab "Stay" is both dirty and heavy wouldn't do the track justice -- it's downright filthy and absolutely massive. You can't really prepare yourself for the drop, because it's not even a drop -- it's a fall. It comes in like a machine gun, sure to rattle unsuspecting dance floors into visual cacophonies of swinging limbs. Read more...

Exmag x JNTHN STEIN "Spliff Temple" ft. Mick Jenkins out now on Majestic Casual

We love when we get surprised by unexpected collaborations. That’s exactly what we have for you today. We have the pleasure of premiering “Spliff Temple,” a new Exmag x JNTHN STEIN track featuring one of our favourite rappers, Mick Jenkins.

"Breathe in. Let the clouds in the sky fill your lungs and the rush of blood to your head sweep you off your feet and make you float effortlessly where you need to go. You're unstoppable when you feel good, all you need to do is follow the feeling wherever it takes you. When me Exmag and Mick made this song, that's all we had to do. Let the good vibes permeate. Let the good vibes permeate. Breathe out." -JNTHN STEIN 

It’s even better when these unexpected collaborations turn out to be a perfect compliment of different sounds, and “Spliff Temple” does just that. The luscious track is true to its name as it’s a perfect song to kick back and enjoy a spliff to. The funky track combines spacey synthesizers with lush textures layered with distorted guitar work while Mick proves to be the perfect fit with his laid-back verse. Enjoy!

Shelter Point 'Slow Air' premier via Clash

There's a particular hour when night and day merge, when morning becomes clear but twilight still lingers. It's a time that infatuates clubbers, that moment when the initial rush wears off and the graceful incline gradually reveals itself. Production duo Shelter Point regularly work until the wee small hours, and new track 'Slow Air' reflects this.

Conjured at the witching hour, it's a dubbed out feast of analogue electronic trickery, a lurching, ever-evolving beast of a track. Liam Arnold explains: "'Slow Air' was recorded at 4am, we plugged line out synths into valve amps and subsequently destroyed them, but we got it on tape so it sounds cool."

Benny Benassi premiere Billboard

As the great philosopher DJ Khaled once said, "stay away from they." They want to tear you down. They don't want to see you winning, so you're going to win more, and you're going to make sure they see it.

Indie jam duo Sofi Tukker put this thoughts into danceable action on its recent song "Fuck They," and it just got even more danceable thanks to a remix by Italian electro icon Benny Benassiand his buddy MazZz. It pumps up the energy on the original without losing any of the color that makes "Fuck They" such a groovable tune in the first place. This is a remix that'll have they drooling all over your moves, somewhere stuck between awe and jelousy, which is exactly where they belong.

Shelter Point - Music Week feature

Welcome to the latest edition of Six Questions With..., a weekly short and sharp interview with a live music figure. Email if you would like to take part or recommend someone for inclusion. 

This week's Q&A is with Nottingham's Shelter Point, whose latest single Fuse is out now on Armada. The duo recently played a live session for Red Bull and completed a short UK tour.

JNTHN STEIN X Mr. Carmack "Who Cares" premiere on Hypebeast with remix competition


Team Supreme founding member JNTHN STEIN returns with a brand new track off of his forthcoming project EP2, it features none other than Mr. Carmack. Titled “Who Cares,” the track is a massive earth-shaker that is guaranteed to tear the club up.

Alongside the release of the track, JNTHN and Carmack are running a remix competition for the track. The winner will receive a bunch of prizes such as the Ableton Live 9 Suite, Ableton equipment bag and T-Shirt, “Making Music” by Dennis DeSantis, release and promotion through the producers’ official social media networks and more. Two runner ups will recieve an Ableton Live 9 Standard and some t-shirts. Listen to the track and check out the competition details

Enter the remix comp:…-mr-carmack-who-cares (Submissions and voting close June 22nd 2017 at 23:59 PST.)

JNTHN STEIN 'Everything Is A Drug' premiere on Music Ninja

One thing that a lot of people need to realize, is anything can be a drug. Whether it’s the gym, cheeseburgers, music, books or what have you, these things can have a profound effect on people. One person who – we would guess – agrees with that is JNTHN STEIN, whose single “Everything Is A Drug” is here today in the dojo. Read the full article here: