Parachute Youth split - Yeah Boy announcement

Earlier today Parachute Youth announced they have split up, one half Johnny Courtidis has taken the opportunity to announce the official start and release date of his new solo project Yeah Boy. The first EP, 'Can't Get Enough' is due to be released on Atlantic Records (USA), Sweat It Out! (Aus), Warner Music (RoW) on February 25th 2014 and features 3 solo productions and remixes from Marlon Hoffstadt, The Geek x Vrv plus more. 

Johnny quotes "I'm so excited to have my first solo release coming out. It's something i've always wanted to do for myself and it's great to see it start to take shape especially having the labels and support i have behind me. Can't wait for you to all hear it and see the new live show this Summer!".

Johnny Courtidis is Adelaide born, living in London singer and songwriter. More release info and tour dates to be announced shortly.