New Mao Ra Sun single premiere on Line Of Best Fit

“Sub-shaking soul” sounds, quite frankly, like a made up genre. Or at the very least an acquired taste. But Mao Ra Sun specialise in weaving these disparate vibes together for sensual results. 

On “I Won’t Take You Back” the Brighton-based duo fuse beats and dreamy synths with pulsating bass and a silky soul vocal. Imagine '90s R&B at its most melancholy and remix it using the conventions of modern electronic music. The blend is seamless, and nothing less than sultry.  

“The instrumental of 'I Won’t Take You Back' was our ode to Control-era Janet Jackson slow jams,” the pair explained. “As soon as Lulu laid her vocals down it took it to a whole new level though.” While their sound is totally fresh, Mao Ra Sun’s approach is a little more old school.