East London born producer, Jay Weathers, is no stranger to getting his hands dirty in the studio, mixing up a wealth of musical styles across his many producer credits. His glossary of high profile co-writes includes Tieks, Jacob Banks, Ray Blk, and Blonde plus cuts with Wiley and Yungen establishing this young musician as someone to keep both eyes on. Studying Computer Music at university in Manchester, Jay honed in on music theory and piano to teach himself the structure of music. He notes his early musical influencers are Hip Hop, Garage, Motown, and Soul and grew up listening to the likes of Timbaland, Max Martin, Brian Eno and Dr Dre. Weathers has worked with internationally renown talents Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes and has co-written with Ed Sheeran. With all that variety he is still making it all sound like part of that distinct Jay Weathers sound, combining simplicity and openness into the music with a pop-sensibility.